So cool, he doesn't need a caption.
Some attributes
First Friend of Oda.
Second Artist.
Third Pretends he is Lativan.
Other attributes
Fourth Eats a lot of foreign foods.
Fifth Loves Mega Man, Twinbee, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, and Gradius.
Sixth His favorite animal is Axolotls.

He is a cool guy, also he is cool. Here might be a page of this cool guy. Cool isn't it? Coolest Admin.


FinnAwesome was born to a poor Lativan family at the time of Corn Dog Season. When he grew older he got drawing powers, and was able to draw anything and make it come alive. After reaching the age of 13, FA and his mom and dad seen they never aged. They moved to America and founded the Galoob toy company. FA's mom, Beemo saw she could use these powers in a Life Crystal to make the coolest guy. She then tricked FA into making a Life Crystal, which she used in her project to make the coolest guy. After fifteen years of hard work, she made the coolest guy, Odaceus. FA got jealous that Oda became the coolest guy, so he made him a poisoned pie. He ate the pie and gotten cooler over three wolf moons. FA learned to like Oda, but still holds a small grudge against him. 


  • He is secretly 76 years old, but looks 13.
  • He once ate Oda's kitten, and he turned into a kitten.
  • Once kissed Mia's clone for a dollar.
  • His favorite flower is a pansy.
  • He was once in a cover-up plot to find a National Treasure by stealing the Declaration of Independence...oh wait, that was a different movie.
  • He cloned the first generation Power Rangers.
  • Can eat wasabi without crying.